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Magic Pencil, Contradictions show, Thalam Art space and more..


The Magic Pencil Show
(Work at the show)
British Council, New Delhi, presents an unique exhibition titled,‘Magic Pencil’. With a display of large number of drawings and works for children by Britain's 'starriest' illustrators, Quentin Blake and Emily, the exhibition will examine how and why they work. 

A popular author and illustrator, Quentin Blake, has made this selection from living, British artists. The collection chosen by him includes a mix of well known names and new stars on the block. The works on display will highlight how today's illustrators reflect modern concerns with originality and force establishing that this is the second golden age of British illustration.
A graduate of Brighton University, Emily is the winner of 2004 Macmillan Prize for Illustration. She has also authored and illustrated beautifully over 12 picture books including Wolves, Meerkat Mail, Monkey and Me, Dogs, The Rabbit and Matilda's Cat.
The exhibition features 60 high quality digital laser prints.
The show will be on view till 22nd September 2013.

Delhi - Its Own Way
( A photo work on display)

Delhi ‘O’ Delhi presents documentary street photography by Krishnendu Chatterjee titled, ‘ Delhi - Its own way’.

Krishnendu Chatterjee has through the lens captured the fractals of momentary stillness that thread the metropolitan. Pursuing his theme through the medium of documentary street photography he has sought to capture the smaller moments that mirror the larger picture. 
An exhibition that showcases a city that even as it is accepting of the more liberal, contemporary strains of living, can prove to be quite challenging in terms of a place to survive in.

The show is on view till the 31st of August 2013.

Miniature Wonders

( A work on display)
Kamalnayan Bajaj Art Gallery, Mumbai presents an exquisite show of miniature paintings by eminent artist Ajay Garg. The show titled, ‘Miniature Wonders’ displays works made on handmade paper and relate to the festivals of Gopasathani which symbolises the celebration of cows and the Gopas in praise of Lord Krishna.

The works are rendered in vegetable dyes and show intricate details explicit with narratives and vibrant in colour as miniatures are.

The show commences on the 26th of August 2013 and will be on view till the 31st August 2013.


( A work at the show)
Beyond Coffee art space, Hyderabad, presents a solo show of art works titled ‘Contradictions’ by the Canadian artist Karen Rempel.  Karen has been inspired by India for the past two years and her work reflects this.

Blending the urban landscape with the ancient remains of bygone eras, Karen portrays and captures in her paintings the very contrasts and odd co-existences apparent in a culturally and technologically rich country like India. Her works are rendered in acrylic on  canvas and the landscapes traverse over the ancient ruins of Hampi, and the boulder strewn landscapes of Hyderabad. The urban and the ancient hold hands and create an interesting forward, backward visual waltz.

The show is on view till the 31st of August 2013.

(News reports by Sushma Sabnis)

Get Thalamed…
Thalam, a newly established art space by Dilip Param and Perumal Venkatesan, is considered among the city’s serious art spaces where artists, art enthusiasts and patrons gather for various activities, finds SRAVASTI DATTA
For the arts to be promoted, easy accessibility and a viable platform to showcase one’s works are important. Two enterprising individuals with a passion for photography and the arts have addressed these aspects and even more by establishing a unique art space. Dilip Param’s and Perumal Venkatesan’s recently-established space Thalam, has opened the doors of opportunity and creativity for artists from different fields. This beautifully-designed space in Domlur is accessible as well.
(Dilip and Perumal ensure there are always paintings displayed. Photo: Bhagya Prakash)
"Most art galleries are located in the central business area of the city. But art is for everybody and we want to reach out to art enthusiasts as well as provide a space for both upcoming and veteran artists,” says Perumal, fondly known as PeeVee.
Considering Thalam was established fairly recently, in February 2013, it has not only received an overwhelming response but has raised the bar for exhibitions, events and workshops held in the city. Each activity held in Thalam is unique. Their first exhibition was a handmade prints exhibition Gum Bichromate, held in association with Goa-CAP. Among the other exhibitions and workshops held at Thalam are Vimal Chandran’s stunning art work, an exhibition of art prints organised by PixMyWall, a Bangalore weekend of photobooks, a group exhibition of well-known photographers called Life In 5 Frames, a workshop on pinhole cameras, a workshop for photojournalists in association with Korkai… and more.
In addition there was a workshop with Marc Prust on the art of photography marketing, the Bangalore Storytelling Network Meetup, a screening of Bangalore Lake Diaries, a film made by seven photographers, including Perumal.
Dilip recalls one of their memorable events so far: “We were a part of the startup festival. Start-up Crawl was held at Thalam, where we spoke about the sustainability of art start-ups to a gathering of more than 200 people. It was a great experience.”
Dilip and Perumal inform that Thalam was earlier a godown. Once it got vacant, Dilip came up with the ingenious plan of converting it into an art space. “This place needed a positive vibe. We decided to create a space with which people could easily bond. There have been people who once they became familiar with the place, make it a point to visit it often,” says Dilip.
Perumal and Dilip take me on a tour around Thalam. “Get Thalamed!” says the duo in unison. True to their word, one does get ‘thalamed’. The second floor is a sprawling space, where one can amble through and view the art work at leisure.
There is tranquillity to the place as it is located in a quiet corner of the locality. In keeping with one of Thalam’s principles of nature playing an important role in inspiring art, the third floor overlooks a vast expanse of greenery. “Thalam provides an exhibition, studio and training space, among other services,” Dilip says as we chat over special tea exclusive to Thalam.
The duo ensures that there is always an exhibition at Thalam so that people who would like to a tour of the place will always see paintings gracing the walls of Thalam.
The duo is passionate about what they do and have made a mark in their respective fields. “I am a graduate in chemical engineering and have done a MBA. I have been with the advertising industry for eight years,” says Perumal.
Perumal has an inborn talent for photography. He is, in fact, a self-taught photographer. “I was inspired by Sharad Haksar, from Chennai, a senior photographer. I believe advertising and photography always go hand in hand. I moved to Bangalore in 2005. I find the city photographer friendly.”
Perumal has not only had exhibitions of his work displayed across the country. He has also been a co-curator of exhibitions and photography workshops in Bangalore.
Dilip is an entrepreneur who has a passion for music and photography. “I did my masters in sound and acoustic engineering in Canada. I have learned Carnatic music.”
Dilip recalls his childhood when he used to enthusiastically photograph family events. “My father encouraged my interest in photography.” Dilip went onto learn photography from Konica Institute under Ponnuswamy.
Thalam has planned yet another interesting workshop this weekend. A workshop on the art of photogenic drawing, in association with Goa-CAP, will be held this weekend. Thalam is located at Level 2 and 3, 80, Krishna Reddy Colony, Domlur, Bangalore – 71.
For details call 9945243130 and 9945516333 or visit
( Report by Sravasti Datta for The Hindu)

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