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Deep Time, The Reflection Show, Genesis of Memorabilia and more..


Deep Time

Khoj Studios, Delhi, brings a new and exclusive art exhibition by Rohini Devasher  titled, ‘Deep Time’. This one is Rohini’s third solo show and the first to preview at the Khoj Studios. The show is a part of an ongoing project that looks to map common points between astronomy and art practice through the lens of metaphor. The works in the show that includes monographed geographies, parts unknown, surface tracking and reading into the stars are explorations of strange landscapes where myth and fiction blur the boundaries of what is real and imagined.

Rohini lives and works in New Delhi. She obtained her MA in Printmaking from the Winchester School of Art in the UK and her BFA in Painting from the College of Art in New Delhi. The artist works in a variety of media including large site specific drawings, video, digital prints, and sound.

The show is on view till 13th October 2013.

The Reflection Show
(Works byShruti Mahajan and Alke Reeh)
Galerie Max Mueller, Mumbai presents unique exhibition titled 'Reflection'. The exhibition will showcase the works of Shruti Mahajan and Alke Reeh. Both the artists have been exchanging the conceptual, visual and contextual elements of their works since a long time. On display will be patterns of a conversation reflecting the ideas linked to architecture, forms, usage of emptiness of lived spaces, whites and working with structure and line.

At this exhibition, attendants will be delighted to watch the 'Reflection' of both the artists' works. Shruti Mahajan and Alke Reeh, both the artists are known for taking part in many national and international exhibitions.

The show is on till 19th October 2013.

Idiosyncratic Expression
(Work by Warsha Lath)
Bangalore located Third Eye Art Gallery’s latest exhibition titled 'Idiosyncratic Expression' features the exquisite works of artists Warsha Lath and Kumar Singha.

Warsha Lath is an artist from Shegaon, who spent her childhood in the coal mining regions of Eastern India. Her creativity was majorly influenced and inspired by the wilderness of these early years. She studied at Sir J.J. School of Arts, Mumbai and worked as a visualiser in advertising agencies in Kolkata and later moved to Bangalore where she finally pursued her love for painting. Since then, she has held many solo and group exhibitions in cities like Bangalore and New Delhi. In her latest exhibition Idiosyncratic Expression, she presents her creative and colourful artworks along with spectacular paintings by the Mumbai based young artist and painter Kumar Singha. 

The show is on view till 31st October 2013.

Genesis of Memorabilia

( Works displayed at the show)
Ailamma Art Gallery, Hyderabad, presents an amazing painting exhibition curated by Koeli Mukherjee Ghose 'Genesis of Memorabilia'. 

The exhibition is showcasing works of 25 artists:  A. Kiran Kumar, Anand Gadapa, Anand Shastri, Bala Bhakta Raju, Bhaskar Rao, Bharath Bhushan, G.Abhinav Bharath, Jagdeesh, Kalidindi Vysali, Karen Rempel, Masuram Ravikanth,M.Shivakumar, Murali, Nirmala Biluka, P. Farzona khanoon, Piu Mahapatra, Priyanka Aelay, Saraswati, Shambhu Prasad Reddy, Shravanthi Juluri, Sridhar, Sukka Karuna, Sukka Sundar, Syeda Ali and Syed Sheikh.

The exhibition features art works in media making it worth a visit.

The show is on view till 25th October 2013.

(News reports by Sushma Sabnis)

An Inspired Collective
Panthirukulam presents different styles in an exhibition at Orthic Centre
(Works at the show)
Panthirukulam, a group of 12 artists, which is conducting its ninth exhibition in the city, is back with a collection of classy works. This year they are not bound by a theme. So, each artist has given a free reign to his imagination, much to the delight of the viewer.
Mural artist Sasi K. Warrier has digressed from the strictness of the mural to experiment freely with style. He has painted a Ganesha playing the flute in mixed media in textured acrylic background of orange and green. “The Ganesha is often considered a God of the senses. So why can’t he play the flute?” he asks.
Seemon Joseph, whose watercolour has created a name for itself, this time has produced two works in acrylic. One is a steed done in black fluid outline on a coffee-coloured background and the other is just black lines and curves on coffee canvas.
Manoj Mathasseril, too, has brought out a “different” painting this time—an extremely intricate work done in watercolour, coloured inks and poster colour on hand-made paper. It represents the solar system with the sun in the centre and all of life’s beings at the bottom of the canvas. This is his original style, insists Manoj, whose second work is a depiction of Krishna done in languid strokes.
Sunil Moothedath’s love for Nature remains unchanged in his ‘Mazhanoolkanavukal’, an acrylic work done with knife, which takes on the many colours of rain and the night.
Balakrishnan Kadirur's ‘Sleeping Babies’ is an arresting blue and black work in oil and acrylic. While A.A. Ajithkumar paints the common water hyacinth in mysterious shades of purple and black, James P.J. paints a realistic portrait of Mattancherry and the Chinese fishing nets.
Other artists whose works are on display are T.N. Subodh Kumar, Rajan Kadalundi, T.N. Raju, Shyju R., and Joby Ravindran. “The success of Panthirukulam is its unity and the like-mindedness of the artists,” says artist T. Kaladharan, owner of Nanappa Art Gallery. The show is on till October 12 at the Nanappa gallery and is organised by Orthic Creative Centre and Indian School of Arts.
( Report by Anasuya Menon, Photo by Thulasi Kakkat for The Hindu)

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  1. Genesis of Memorabilia was Curated by Koeli Mukherjee Ghose showcasing works of 25 artists; A. Kiran Kumar, Anand Gadapa, Anand Shastri, Bala Bhakta Raju, Bhaskar Rao, Bharath Bhushan, G.Abhinav Bharath, Jagdeesh, Kalidindi Vysali, Karen Rempel, Masuram Ravikanth,M.Shivakumar,Murali, Nirmala Biluka, P. Farzona khanoon, Piu Mahapatra, Priyanka Aelay,Saraswati, Shambhu Prasad Reddy, Shravanthi
    Juluri ,Sridhar, Sukka Karuna, Sukka Sundar, Syeda Ali and Syed Sheikh.