Thursday, November 21, 2013

Prismatic, Art Sutra, River Print Imprint and more..


(Work on display)
Karnataka Chitrakala Parishath, Bangalore presents a group show of artworks by eminent artists. The show titled, ‘Prismatic’ has on display paintings by Kishore Sahoo, Remya Kumar, Selvasenthil Kumar, and Sheelaa Maradi.  
All of them are established artists in town and the paintings capture subjects ranging from landscapes to emotions of human beings.  The use of colour and tonality on the compositions and artworks with modernism and post modernism influences are something to look forward to in the exhibition.

The show is on view till 24th November 2013.

Hungarian Landscapes

(Work on display)
Hungarian Information and Cultural Centre, New Delhi, hosts 'Hungarian Landscapes - Hungarian Places', an exhibition of graphics by Janos Bozso. On display will be some interesting and magnificent pieces of Hungarian landscape. 
Patrons can glance at pencil drawings, pastels and aquarelles works in his paintings. 

The show is on view till 28th November 2013.

Art Sutra
(Work on display)
Rabindra Bhavan, New Delhi, makes an attempt to extend society’s boundaries which suffocate and snuff the life out of free expression. 
The artist within craves to break through. This gave life to Art Sutra, a solo art show by artist Amit Dutt. His work is about unshackling art from the limits imposed by surface, medium, technique or even dimension.

The solo is on view till 24th November 2013.

River Print Imprint
(Work on display)
Dhoomimal Art Gallery, New Delhi presents a show that comprises Gwalior - based artist Yusuf's recent work. On display are a collection of fifteen pieces made on cloth, fiber glass, silk screen, acrylic and more. 
Abstractions come in a brand new avatar in Yusuf's show. The line has become the artist's melody and he develops his canvases around it.
The show is on till 15th December 2013.

(News reports by Sushma Sabnis)

Picture this
(Reclaim the night in blue and purple)
Venkatesh Rao Karinja’s works are inspired by the landscapes of Dakshin Kannada
He speaks of the “mesmerizing colours of the paddy fields in front of my home, pleasant colourful hues of sunrise behind the hills, deepest greens of the forest and calm blue water in the lakes” and that’s what his exhibition “Nature’s blessings” on view at the Karnataka Chitrakala Parishath is all about.
Venkatesh paints imagined landscapes, of moonlit nights of midnight blue and purple, sunset at the horizon reflecting off a river or fairytale bridges over glassy lakes. He paints grassy river banks; sunlight filtering in through the woods, sometimes gold and sometimes green; or canals flowing through verdant fields.
He paints seascapes in gentle watercolours, valleys with snowy peaks in the distance, deer in the woods and rustic landscapes. “I hail from a village called Kaarinja in Dakshin Kannada and I have been inspired by the landscapes of my hometown. My paintings are an expression of my vision of nature, of Mother Earth and her colours,” says Venkatesh, an engineer turned self-taught artist. Venkatesh says he was deeply inspired by Mohan Kumar Permude, an artist who hails from the Mangalore region.
The exhibition features classic landscapes in acrylics, watercolours and oils. He also paints flowers, hibiscus, sunflowers and sometimes just colourful clusters and wildlife, butterflies, peacocks, deer and birds. His exhibition, he adds, serves as a reminder that nature is beautiful must be protected and it is our duty to preserve nature.
( Report by Harshini Vakkalanka for The Hindu)

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