Thursday, February 20, 2014

Picasso & Dali, Alter-Natives of Mainstream Art and more..


Alter-Natives of Mainstream Art
( Work on display)
Gallery Artspeaks India, Delhi presents ‘Alter-Natives of Mainstream Art’. On the display will be some amazing paintings, etchings, digital prints, mix media, drawings, sculptures and videos by various renowned artists.

Artists like Ajay Kanhere, Akshay Rathore, Anpu Varkey, Baiju Parthan, Gigi Scaria, Hemant, Hemant Rao, Hemi Bawa, Kavita Singh Kale, Mousmi Biswas, Pratul Dash, Puja Kshatriya, Rajmahamad Pathan, Ritu Kapoor Kamath, Santosh Kale, Sandeep Biswas, Shivani Aggarwal, Shruti Gupta Chandra, Vidya Kamath and Yogesh Rawal will be showcasing their works.

The exhibition is a mini-version of the generic art fair aesthetics which presents a wide range of works of art created by both young and established artists who interestingly position themselves alternatively within the zones of alternative and mainstream practices.

The show is on view till 8th March 2014.

Picasso & Dali
(Prints on display)
Vadehra Art gallery, New Delhi presents a show titled, ‘Picasso & Dali’. The show will display the etchings, lithographs and drawings of the two legendary artists,  Pablo Picasso and Salvador Dali.

Picasso’s stunning lithographs are amongst the most brilliant works in his artistic oeuvre.  Representative of his varied artistic styles, Picasso’s lithographs depict images and techniques that extend from his brief post-Impressionistic period to Cubism and beyond. For Dalí, printmaking was an exercise in experimentation, through which he developed many imaginative new processes. The show celebrates the innovative techniques of the two masters.
The show previews on 21st February at 6:00 pm onwards, and will be on view till 26th March 2014.

Arts of the Earth, New Delhi presents a show titled,‘Kalpavriksha- The tree of life’. The show displays the exquisite Madhubani paintings by a group of artists. 
The participating artists are, Amrita Jha, Bandana Jha, Baua Devi, Chandrakala Devi, Manisha Jha, Pooja Jha, Rambahros Jha, Rubi Sharma, Sapana Karn, Urmila Devi Paswan.
The show is on view till 25th March 2014.
Expressions in charcoal

(work by Shyam Kanu Borthakur)
Ganges Art gallery, Kolkata, presents a solo show of art works by artist Shyam Kanu Borthakur.  The works on display of the eminent artists are from a time span of 1974 - 2014. On display are charcoal and pencil on paper and canvas works by the artist.

The show previews on 21st February at 6:00pm and will be on view till 28th February 2014.

( News reports by Sushma Sabnis)

Vignettes from the world
Diversity in the universe inspires the artist in Babu Namboodiri K.
(Reflecting on Life: Babu Namboodiri K.)
Every object in the world is an entity in itself. That thought runs through the collection of works showcased by Babu Namboodiri K. at his exhibition, ‘Small, small, several things, All beyond my control’.
“We believe human beings are supreme. But the truth is each and every thing in the universe has got an individuality and mankind has no control over anything we see around,” says the artist, who works as assistant professor at Sree Sankaracharya University of Sanskrit, Kalady.
Through 40-odd works, he brings across the originality and identity of an array of things. Inspired by the mundane as well as the surreal, he tries to analyse the very existence of mankind and the world as a whole through his works.
Diversity is, perhaps, best portrayed on a 190x270 cm canvas where he has painted just about every object he can think of, in charcoal. Leaves on a stem that “create an order”, the fear which engulfed him when he looked out into the dark as a young boy, a mole on a face, a light and shade image, a hat, the glass in which he used to have milk as a kid… Babu finds inspiration from things that most people may consider insignificant.
“I enjoy the process of painting – splashing colours on a canvas and working out a lot of layers,” says Babu. Though oil paint is his favourite medium, the exhibited works are done in water colour, charcoal, ink and pencil.
Graphic prints and works done using dry pastel too have been showcased. An alumnus of College of Fine Arts in the city, Babu has also applied Japanese technique in some of his works, thanks to the training he had from Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music, Japan. Besides exhibiting a couple of works he did in pencil while he was studying there, Babu has showcased a work in gold and silver hues, inspired by traditional Japanese and Korean art.
The exhibition is on at Kerala Lalithakala Academy Gallery. It concludes on February 21.
(Report by Athira M for The Hindu)

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