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Prologue, Spandan - Jaipur and more..

(work on display)
Vinnyasa Premier Art Gallery, Chennai is hosting a solo art exhibition of the recent works by eminent artist Niladri Paul. This exhibition will be display paintings that create a wonderful bridge between abstract and figurative styles of painting.

Niladri Paul is one of the eminent contemporary artists of the country today. In his current series titled, ‘Prologue’ he tries to capture in abstractions the figures and eloquent movements of various dance forms and nuances of stage and cinema. Dancers in various mudras are brought to life in acrylic on canvases in vibrant colour and form, where the intensity of the intangibility of an art form is made tangible with skill and finesse.

The show is on view till 30th March 2014.

Spandan Jaipur
(work on display)
Jawahar Kala Kendra, Jaipur presents ‘Spandan’, Jaipur’s premier National Art Fair platform for modern and contemporary artists and galleries to showcase their latest creations and collections. It is considered to be among world's most attended fairs as it attracts over thousands of visitors from all across India and the world.
On view are works of 25 groundbreaking artists, who, each in their own time and style, created a new movement in the history of arts. This year the fair aims at taking it a step ahead by delivering a truly enriching art experience to all the visitors.

The art fair is on from 11th April to 16th April 2014.


Kamalnayan Bajaj Art gallery, Mumbai presents a solo show titled, ‘Anubhuti’ of artwork by artist Shakti Singh Ahlawat, from Haryana. The work displayed has a tendency to lean on the linearity of strokes. While dealing with female figures he gives the impression of going for delicate as well as bold strokes and chromatic harmony; but when he goes to paint rural folk, his approach and technique change.

Strong with line, Shakti Singh has also produced some fine paintings such as “Krishna”. His realistic approach of course speaks a lot for him and his art’s growth. He does wonderful portraits as well in which he excels.

The show is on view from 31st March to 5th April 2014.

(News reports by Sushma Sabnis)


The lost world
Bangalore-based illustrator/cartoonist Paul Fernandes says his exhibition is a gentle reminder of a vanished paradise
(A slice of Bangalore)
From a pensioner’s paradise where gentlemen in suits riding cycles doff their hats to women with parasols in front of pretty cottages and Colonial lamp-posts, the garden city where the retired man had the luxury of his own garden, to the pub city (with pubs for pensioners, the ‘upper crust’, black-out pub with a free drop home, under world pub and the under age pub), the boom town of real state (complete with parts of old houses up for sale), to the “SillyCon” city, Bangalore (Bungaleuru… Bengaluroo… Bangaluru) has undergone a transformation.
And Paul Fernandes, known for his colourful and detailed illustrations of the city as it was around the 70s, showcases this transformation in a series of black and white-sketches.
The work culminates in a poster, “SillyCon City- The Virtual Reality”, a contrast in many ways to his earlier classic, a poster of M.G.Road as it was then. Paul’s illustrations are currently on display at the Indian Cartoon Gallery in the exhibition ‘Bangalore- Swinging in the 70s’.
The exhibition features both the newer illustrations and his older sketches of old Bangalore, showcasing icons like the Dewar’s bar, the Airlines Hotel, the Victoria Hotel, or the 3 Aces (Cabaret), Everest Talkies or Kohinoor. He also captures the sights and sounds of old Bangalore, of the Bangalore club in 1863, horse carriages on South Parade(‘Traffic on South Parade’), a woman at the Museum Road Post Office in a sidecar, wheelies outside Mount Carmel College or of eggs delivered to the house.
According to Paul, his distinctly humourous cartoons/illustrations are a mixture of styles, of history, documentation and architecture.
“The series on the SillyCon city is a spoof of what happens in the city,” says Paul. “So little has been done preserve the heritage of the city so just looking at this old peaceful slice of life would remind people of the way the city was. The exhibition is a gentle reminder of a paradise that is lost.”
“Even though the old must make way for the new, I wonder if it is possible to give the new buildings some thought.”
‘Bangalore- Swinging in the 70s’ will be on view at the Indian Cartoon Gallery, No.1, Midford House, Midford Garden, off M.G. Road, near Big Kids Kemp, Trinity Circle. For details, contact 9980091428.

(Report by Harshini Vakkalanka for The Hindu)

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  1. Shakti Singh Ahlawat, born on 8th April 1976 in the village Behlba, district Rohtak, Haryana. He did his B.F.A. (Bachelors of Fine Arts) in painting from Government College of Art, Chandigarh in 1991. He does wonderful portraits and excels in portraiture. He is currently holding an exhibition - Anubhuti by Shakti Singh Ahlawat at the Kamalnayan Bajaj Art Gallery in Mumbai.