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Yellow Banyan Workshop, Prabhakar Pachupate and More


The Yellow Banyan's 5 Day workshop on Drawing

(Yellow Banyan Logo designed by Shirish Deshpande)

Hyderabad, May 14, 2013:  The Yellow Banyan is conducting a 5 Day workshop on Drawing. Niveditha Indrajit, a self taught artist and engagement specialist will be leading the session. It is open for anyone who says they cannot draw at all or even if they consider Drawing to be rocket science.

The workshop will be held from 24th May 2013 to 28th May 2013 from 10 am to 6 PM.  It will be held at  84 Ideas Office. Plot No: 33A Road No:76, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh,   

It is a 5 days x 8 hours workshop (based on enrollments and batch requirement we may consider making it a 10 days x 4 hours per day workshop) where participants will be able make portraits / draw faces exactly as they are.

As most people nurture the left side of the brain (Arithmetic and Language / words nurture left side), RIGHT side of the brain remains a baby that needs nurturing. Drawing is a life skill which is dropped at the age of 9-10 years - and can enhance the use of right side of brain and nurture it to be balanced.

This workshop is based on Betty Edwards teachings of 5 Perceptions of Drawing. While exploring the nuances of Drawing Perception of Edges, Spaces, Relationships, Light & Shadow and Gestalt participants would be led to explore Self Expression mindfully based on MBCT.
Self Expression will unravel the perceptions of boundaries, negative and positive spaces, human relationships, perspective and depth and whole.

The outcome of the Workshop, participants will be able to draw faces / portraits. Also they will get better with Problem Solving, Relationship Management, Self Expression, Self Confidence, different perspectives, Laws of lines and boundaries, space and a holistic view.

Group enrollments for Couples, Parent/s-child/children. group of 3 joining together will have advantage

Contact Janet Parmar / Niveditha Indrajit on +91-812 521 8637 / +91-812 521 8636 ; Email : Facebook Page:

(Report by Nivedita Indrajit)

Trendy women and liberating scooters -  recent works by Milli Pandey Vikamshi

(work by Milli Pandey Vikamshi)

The Hirji Gallery, at Jehangir Art Gallery Mumbai presents a solo show of works by artist, writer and short filmmaker,  Milli Pandey Vikamshi. The show titled ‘Individualism and Art’ has been on view from the 15th of May 2013.

Milli breaks away from the usual traditionally strong expression seen in her earlier work, and experiments with mixed media to develop canvases which are vibrant and speak volumes about the artist’s progress in her art practice. Milli has mostly women protagonists placed as the central figures in her works and also dominant in her works are scooters, Vespa and Lambretta to be precise which act as an anchor in most of the works, symbolizing a kind of implied freedom and movement. The works are primarily in acrylic medium with additional texturing given by colourful and patterned wrapping papers that Milli collects. The overall look of the works is contemporary and very focused on new age women of today and their desires and expectations from life.

The show is on till the 21st of May 2013.

Four Fathers of Indian Art - Revisiting Art History

(painting by Jamini Roy)

Aakriti Art Gallery, Kolkata presents a show of art works of yesteryear masters of art. The show titled, ‘Manifestations of the Mystique’ revisits a moment in art history with the works of the four Masters of Indian Art. The collection displays works of  Nandalal Bose, Jamini Roy, Gopal Ghose, Gobardhan Ash.

The works on display exude a kind of liveliness which reaches the depths of the viewer’s soul, enriching it. The sketches, collages on display are a visual delight, so are the doodles, with an almost mystical, metaphysical quality which surpasses the passage of time. The lines, the scale and the compositions leave no doubt as to the absolute genius of these artists.

The show is on view till the 31st of May 2013.

Signature of a generation - Solo show of works by Samiran Dhar

(work by Samiran Dhar)

The Icon Art Gallery, Hyderabad, presents a solo show of works by artist, Samiran Dhar. The show titled, ‘Signature’ emphasises the call centre and BPO generation of today,  and how the younger generation allured by monetary benefits end up living a life driven and dictated by technology. The artist having worked in a call centre himself for a while expresses his concern for the claustrophobia the job entails. In his work, which is mostly tempera and charcoal on paper and acrylic on canvas, he takes the metaphor of claustrophobia and mindlessness of that kind of a life.

Most of the figures are without a face, or turned away from the viewer, with headphones perpetually on their ears, implying the facelessness and loss of identity of the protagonists. They appear lost in their own world, lost to the outside world. The works are interspersed with bits of poetry adhering to the imagery and form the cohesive element in the whole painting.

The show is on view till the 17th of May 2013.

Social Fabric as Prabhakar Pachpute weaves it

(Prabhakar Pachupate with his work)

Clark House Initiative, Mumbai, presents a show of art works and drawings of upcoming artist Prabhakar Pachpute, in a show titled, ‘Social Fabric’. Prabhakar correlates the economic turmoil of the coal miners of Chandrapur with the cotton farmers and their plight in rural Vidarbha and the tormented lives of the textile mill workers in Mumbai (then Bombay).

‘Social Fabric’ links the coal mined from the town of Chandrapur, to the unionised textile mills, as the coal was used to power the mills at one point of time. With the economy of Bombay changing rapidly, and environmental awareness, coal mining became scarce, owing to which the cotton purchased from the cotton farming community at Vidarbha also suffered, since mills were shut down. Farmers suicides was on the high at Vidarbha and the mill workers in Bombay went on strikes which only became detrimental for their lives. Today the mills have metamorphosed into malls and multiplexes. Pachpute’s work addresses the agony of the peoples’ suffering and brings to fore this socio-political issue in  Maharashtra’s history.

The show is on view till June 9th 2013.

(Reports by Sushma Sabnis)

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