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Featuring Emergence of Taipei in world art scene, A sublimation of landscape and more..

Emergence of Taipei in the World Art Scene 
The sudden and consistent emergence of Taipei as a new art destination after other conventional Asian Art venues, proclaims a new era.   
(Taipei Arts Museum)
One of the most important aspects of Taipei Art Scene is definitely the internationally acclaimed “Taipei Biennale”, which undoubtedly gave Taipei a new identity in the global art market.  Taipei Biennale 2012 was held at the Taipei Fine Arts Museum (台北市立美術館) which is undoubtedly one of best exhibition centres in Asia; apart from this, another vital place to promote Taiwanese Art is certainly the Museum of Contemporary Art (台北當代藝術館; MoCA); it was built in 1921, during the Japanese rule in Taiwan but decades later it was re-opened in May 2001 as the Museum of Contemporary Art, as the first museum in Taiwan to be committed entirely to contemporary art. These exhibition centres  as the pride of Taiwan, are primarily backed by the government or other related organisations.     

(Public Art in Taipei)
Over the last few decades Taiwan Government has immensely invested in Taiwan’s art market, especially in Taipei, to boost it and also to strengthen it to grapple the world art arena. Currently Taipei is a proud home of around 8 top Art Institutes of this country; some of them are- Taipei National University of the Arts (TNUA), National Taiwan University of Arts (NTUA; Famous Academy Award winner director Ang Lee is an alumnus of this institute), Graduate Institute of Fine-Arts (National Taiwan Normal University), College of Arts (Fu Jen Catholic University) and College of Arts & Design (Huafan University). Most of these institutes and fine-arts departments (under renowned Universities) emerged very recently as a direct result of the growing concern for art practice in Taiwan. These art academies equipped with adroit professors educated in USA or in Europe provide world class degrees like BFA, MFA, and MA in Fine-Arts programmes in various disciplines. Not only in conventional disciplines like Painting (however there is divisions in Oil Painting and Traditional Chinese Painting specialisation , Sculpture, Print-Making, Art History/Art curation and Applied Arts but also new specialisation such as - Mixed media/Installation Art, Photography Art, Art Education, Art Management, Industrial Designing, Digital/multimedia Arts, Visual Culture, Visual Communication, Animation/Game designing etc are introduced in recent years to match the measures of world art education standards. In recent years, these institutes observing a steady growth in the number of international degree seekers from various parts of the globe. 

(Public Art in Taipei)
Although, this essay only focuses on Taipei alone as the capital city of Taiwan, and it’s neither including the art academies near Taipei nor in other cities in Taiwan, but there are several other important Art academies in various part of this country who also deserve the same. The graduates of these art academies have immense ascendency over the Taiwan’s domestic art market and onwards with this they are also expanding their presence over the world art scene. Apart from yielding artists and art historians/art critiques, they also play a vital role in endorsing arts by the means of exhibition and curation. Most of these institutes are furnished with advanced exhibition centres and/or museums.       

Although Taiwan is a sovereign Asian country, is often mistaken as a part of China. In this time of globalization, a small country like Taiwan, who was recently, faced the lowest fertility rate in the entire world, efficaciously demonstrated that with perpetual expansion in fine-arts sector can be enumerated as gratifying for the whole nation. Being one of the largest countries in Asia, Indian art could take a few considerable pointers from its successful Taiwanese neighbour.

(by Ritwij Bhowmik)


A sublimation of landscape
( A work by Priyanka Govil)
Art Konsult art gallery, New Delhi presents a solo show of selected works of upcoming artist Priyanka Govil. 

Priyanka’s works explore the world around her through her paintings of landscapes.  The difference between any landscape painter and Priyanka’s work is that the artist uses landscapes more as a tool or a language than as a subject of focus itself. For her the landscape can morph into any number of things manmade or naturally occurring. 

The show features her concern of the environment, and natural elements and how humankind continues to intervene with them. Her works explore various textures and a subdued palette at times, to put forth a metaphor of the subject being evaluated and stories being told.

The show previews on 11th September 2013 at 6:30 pm and will be on view till the 30th of September 2013.

Traditional in Contemporary
(Work by Rameshwar Singh)
Chitrakoot Art Gallery, Kolkata, presents a show of recent paintings by artist Rameshwar Singh. The Jaipur born senior , renowned artist displays some of his recent works in the show, exploring art, culture, history, anthropology and contemporary life through his figurative works.

Intermingling fables and dream memories, the artist presents a collection of works which border on traditional folk art and repetitive symbols. Incorporating calligraphic textures and tattoo art in is work, makes the works unique.

The show is on view till the 17th of September 2013.

Exploring Duality 
( work by Tanuj Bhramar)
The Metropolitan Hotel, New Delhi presents in its art space, the solo show of art works by new age contemporary artist, Tanuj Bhramar.

The show is titled, ‘Exploring Duality Through Mythology & History’. The exhibition aims to explore some famous mythological and historical figures in their most intimate moments in life.
The style Tanuj uses is mostly expressionistic and figurative styles with vibrant colours and  bold application of textural effects. 

The show is on view till the 11th of September 2013.

Zynna Spotlight Show

(works by Rashmi Jain)
Zynna Art Gallery,Gurgaon, presents the solo show of art works by artist Rashmi Jain, as a part of the Zynna Spotlight Show. On display in this specially assigned space in the gallery, are select paintings by this renowned, internationally acclaimed artist. 

Traversing over a variety of styles and subjects, Rashmi Jain brings a collection of her works done over a period of time, of her exploration of art.

For further information call on: +91 8800361361

The show is on view till the 16th of September 2013.

(News reports by Sushma Sabnis)

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