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The Conflict Within Show, The Last Supper Show and more..


The Conflict Within Show
(A sculpture by K S Radhakrishnan)
The Bengal Art Lounge,Dhaka Bangladesh, presents a solo show of sculptures and bronze figurines by renowned sculptor, K S Radhakrishnan. The show is titled, ‘Conflict Within  - Ascending Descending Figures’.

The works displayed in this show are small intimate bronze figurines and other forms which have an ethereal quality and appear to be culled out of forgotten memories and early morning dreams. The works also are an interaction of the sculptor to commune with the landscape of East and West Bangladesh and his experiences.
Radhakrishnan’s works are about conflict – the conflict we live through, the conflict present in the journey of humanity through time and the conflict to sustain the shared symbols which tell us to make sense of our lives and restore hope.

The show commences on the 7th of September 2013 and will be on view till the 16th of September 2013.

The Last Supper
(A work on display)
The Seagull Foundation for the Arts, New Delhi, presents a solo show of artworks by artist, Madhvi Parekh. The show is titled, ‘The Last Supper’ and the works on display are a series of paintings rendered in acrylics on acrylic sheets. The general themes adopted by the artist feature religious symbolisms. 

The style used is a reminiscent of a mixture of ethnic or tribal art and naive art. The works are on display till the 7th of September 2013 at the Visual Arts Gallery of India Habitat Centre, New Delhi.

The Soul Stories
Artist’s Centre, Mumbai presents a solo show of artworks by artist, Lili Menon. The show is titled, ‘Soul Stories’ and the artist displays her collection which are mixed media on canvas. Abstraction dominates the style and the artist has tried to bring forth a dialogue that is an intimate entity between her mind and her soul. 

Facing and surfacing questions and answers, Lili’s art is her tool of self exploration and expression, which she redirects to her viewers with the sole intent of a conversation with their minds.

The show is on view from the 4th of September to the 8th of September 2013.

The Art Katta Landscape show

(A painting at the show)
The Art Katta, Pune presents a solo show of artworks by artist, Prashant Kale. The works on display are mainly rendered in water colour on paper, oil on canvas. There are 14 painting son display and most of them are based on the theme of landscapes.

Prahant is a communications professional with over 18 years experience in graphic design and specialist in Illustrations, Caricatures, and Airbrush Illustrations, Water Colour Landscapes and Oil Colour Paintings and Landscapes.

He has completed his G.D. Art from Abhinav Kala Mahavidyalaya, Pune and ATD from Belgam.

The exhibition is being held at Hotel Zikomo, Baner Road, Pune till 15th September 2013.

(News reports by Sushma Sabnis)

Stories within stories
Nagesh Goud crafts intricate stories of humanity and nature in his latest exhibition
(Nagesh Houd's solo show Kahaani -2)
Our memories first remember characters and then stories through these characters.
And so in Bolgum Nagesh Goud’s series of solo works (“Kahaani- Part 2”), it is the faces that first catch the viewer’s eye.
Painted using strong, bold lines and strokes, with sharp features and a wry smile, each of these characters represents a story from Indian mythology.
These tales, of the avtar’s of Vishnu, of the heroics of Rama, or stories from the Mahabharata, are intricately captured in black and white ink.
“My paintings are based on experimental studies of ancient stories. Since childhood, I have been inspired by Indian mythology and I love working with mixed media.” Nagesh says he picks simple stories from the epics, such as the Kishkintha episode, the Ashokavana episode or the turning point when Ravana’s uncle appears as the golden deer that tempts Sita.
(a work on display)
“Krishna and Arjuna and the Pandavas are my favourite characters in the Mahabharata, I stand for the human values that they represent.” Also nature, explains Nagesh is an important element in his works, as he shows in his pen and ink tales.
But he alludes more directly to nature in paintings such as the “My Lost World” and “My Beautiful Word”, recreating the imagery of a dense forest in pen and ink with gentle shades of colour that lend an almost supernatural glow.
He also paints animal forms, sometimes using layers to create a 2-D effect on digital prints. The exhibition also features a series of paintings on bulls, that are based on a similar theme as his mythological series, where there is imagery within imagery. Nagesh celebrates the mighty form of the bull at the same time using intricate motifs from nature as well as simple design within the form of the bull to create lyrical effect.
“I hope to express human value of love as well as promote the message of conservation, of nature and the environment through my works,” adds Nagesh. “Kahaani-Part 2” will be on view at ITC Windsor Manor until September 5th 2013. For details, contact 32712348.
(Report by Harshini Vakkalanka for The Hindu)

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