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Homing, 9:AM and more..



Art Positive art space, New Delhi presents an exhibition titled, ‘Homing’ which explores the constructs of Home – lost homes and homelands; shifted homes as a product of the contemporary urban condition and global markets or communal violence and politics; imaginary home and the desires generated by global opportunism; intimate home as something small, private and loving/sensual/erotic. Home becomes the site where private and public desires are displayed and realised. Through installations and sculptures the exhibition sets forth a variety of visual, aural, olfactory and interactive experiences and interpretations of home.
The participants are Arunkumar HG, Archana Hande, Tushar Joag, Remen Chopra, Paula Sengupta, Masooma Syed, Sumedh Rajendran, Martand Khosla, Mithu Sen, Suchitra Gahlot and Vibha Galhotra.

The show is to commence on 23rd January 2014.

(Work on display)
Amwaz-E-Takhayyul (Waves of Fantasy) is a week long painting exhibition by artist and art teacher, Ghazali Moinuddin. The solo show displays a series of 45 paintings by the renowned landscape artist that focus on the majestic mountains. The paintings are solely based on his imagination of the mountains as he rarely travels to any hill stations. 

The artworks express Ghazali's admiration of nature and reflect his capability to create outstanding paintings even when he is in confined surroundings. All paintings have come through his imagination which transports him to a serene hill station where the beauty of Himalayas leaves him in a trance. The show of his latest works are on view at the M F Hussain Art Gallery, New Delhi till 25th January 2014.

9: AM

Open Palm Court Gallery, India Habitat Centre, New Delhi presents a group show of eminent artists and photographers. The show titled, ‘9:AM -  Nine Artists Meet’ is a unique show of nice contemporary painters, sculptors and photographers.

The show will display works by the artists, Darius Chinoy, Gaurav Chawla, Parameswaran OP, Priti Gupta, Priyanka Dua, Rekha Bajpe Aggarwal, Ruchi Chadha and Shashi Paul.

The show will have on display oil and acrylic on canvas paintings, sculptures and some fine art photography. The show previews on 1st February 2014 at 5:30 pm. 

The show is on view till 5th February 2014.

( News reports by Sushma Sabnis)


Shades of enquiry
Kanthi.V’s exhibition The Eternal Search is an exploration of her inner quest
(The search is still on: Kanthi V’s work)
Two elements dominate the canvases of Kanthi.V, the peepal leaf and the face with the half-closed eyes.
The series of works is collectively titled “The Eternal Search” indicating the significance of these elements.
“The Eternal Search is my search in this lifetime to find answers to my questions on what life is about. The peepal leaves represent the environment which affects me and the face signifies that state I wish to reach to, a level of being that I aspire for. The leaves affect me, yet they are separate from me,” says Kanthi whose exhibition of works was recently on view at Atta Galatta.
Her subjects are set against dark, deep backgrounds often in shades of midnight blue or maroon. The faces are sometimes submerged in the colour and at other times appear to emerge form the backdrops, suffused in radiance. While the leaves always appear in the foreground, sometimes dominating the canvas and at other times peacefully juxtaposed against the face.
“I have used darker shades to say that the search is still on, I have not yet come out of my state of enquiry, I am still deeply involved in it,” adds Kanthi, who has employed the wash technique with her colours. The exhibition also featured her earlier series on birds.

(Report by Harshini Vakkalanka for The Hindu)

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