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Empty Envelops, Chalat Musafir, Kumbh Mela and more..


Empty Envelops
(work by George Martin PJ)
Palette Art Gallery, New Delhi presents a solo show of recent art works by upcming artist George Martin PJ. The show titled, ‘Empty Envelops’ displays the vibrant and colourful art work of the artist.

The works on display are a riot of colours, rendered in Acrylic on canvas medium, and also some portions of digital art embedded in them. George addresses the overwhelming feeling of living in an urban-ness which engulfs people at times. Dealign with social issues which are specific to an urban life style, the works enclose a plethora of interpretations within them.
Also on display are his exquisite and poignant installation works.

The show is on view till 18th January 2014.

Harbouring the Cityscape
( work by Sasanka Ghosh)
The Promenade Lounge of Taj Bengal Hotel, Kolkata presents an eye-catching treat for all art lovers in the city. The venue brings the display of some of the most exclusive and unique art works by artist Sasanka Ghosh. The art works by Sasanka are modernist in nature with generalized undertones. The artist excels in creating imaginative city spaces and harbour scenes.

The artist makes use of bold strokes and the colours used by him define the mood of the nature surrounding him. A percentage of proceeds collected from the sale of his works will be used for the benefit of underprivileged children.

The show is on view till 29th December 2013.

Chalat Musafir
(Work by Sangeeta Singh)
Azad Bhavan, Indian Council for Cultural Relations, New Delhi presents a solo show of paintings by artist Sangeeta Singh. The show titled, ‘Chalat Musafir’ is a painting exhibition which depicts the figurative and realistic works of the artist. 
Sangeeta is an award winning artist, renowned for her finely executed imagery that appears to emerge partly from her ethereal dream world and partly from her colourful real life encounters. Movement, speed, locomotion and cycle rickshaw travels all surface in her paintings in bits and pieces implying migration.

The show is on view till 8th January 2014.

Kumbh Mela

Piramal Art Gallery at the National Centre for Performing Arts, NCPA, Mumbai presents a solo show of photographs by renowned photojournalist, Shekhar Soni.

The show titled ‘Kumbh Mela’ features the best images captured in the photographer’s lens of the Kumbh Mela which happens every year.

Shekhar Soni is a freelancer from Nagpur with a photojournalistic experience of over 25 years to his credit. He also is a regular contributor to leading news papers in the country.

The show is on from the 7th of January to 16th of January 2014.

( News reports by Sushma Sabnis)

Life as art
Everyday life. That’s what K.S. Joseph recreates in ‘Bhoomika’
(K.S. Joseph's oil and acrylic works)
You just need to look around to find art, says award-winning artist K.S. Joseph. You realise his words are true as you view his works at Bhoomika, on at Kasthuri Sreenivasan Art Gallery.
Be it ‘Bargain’, which captures the hustle and bustle of a typical village sandhai or ‘Still Life’, depicting a tray with colourful fruits, his paintings speak of an artist who keenly observes the world around him. “You can see art even in empty tea cups,” he says.
A native of Kerala, Joseph says images of his home, etched in his mind, come to life when he picks the brush. The green farms, the pastures, women who harvest paddy…his canvases are all about snapshots of earthy rural landscapes.
(Artist K S Joseph)
Bright red and earthy brown hues, used in the painting of the Velichappadu, an oracle, catches your eye. His portrait of a woman in a green sari and blouse, sporting a light smile, won the gold medal for the ‘Best Realistic Painting’ from the Kerala Lalithakala Akademi.
In sharp contrast to these rural visuals, stand canvases depicting the urban landscape and fast pace of life — high-rise buildings and tarred roads bustling with vehicles.
His works celebrate light and shade. His acrylic work, ‘Nature’s Litter’, depicts a dusty path sprinkled with dry leaves. A shaft of light illuminates the foliage.
(K.S. Joseph's oil and acrylic works)
“Light and shade breathe life into a canvas,” says Joseph. “That is what transforms it into a painting from a mere sketch or a drawing.”
Crimson, reds, greens, yellows… his works are a riot of colours. A hint of purple adds magic to the painting of a village house and deserted street. In ‘Dawn Awakens’, the entire frame and background are bathed in pink. ‘The Evening Waves’ sees the beach engulfed in vermillion. An engineer by profession, Joseph dabbled in art from school.
(K.S. Joseph's oil and acrylic works)
“I instinctively liked art,” says the artist, who hates classifying his work to fit into genres. “I do not believe in calling a painting modern or classical. Whatever appeals to the eye is good art.”
The exhibition, 12th in the gallery’s Silver Jubilee series, features 37 paintings in oil and acrylic. It is on till December 31, and is open from 9.30 a.m. to 6.30 p.m.
For details, call 0422-574110.

(Report by Parshathy J Nath, photos by S Siva Sarvanan for The Hindu)

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