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Mythologies, Filmy Jagat, Art Jamboree 2013 and more..



Galerie 88, Kolkata presents on the occasion of it’s 25th anniversary, a show titled ‘Mythologies’ art by KG Subramanyan, an artist whose perspectives on art and life carry resonances of an early engagement with the nationalist movement in which Gandhi and Tagore loomed large. 
Being associated with the Handloom Board and the World Craft Council he has had a seminal influence on the art and design practice of the last fifty years. Galerie 88 is happy and privileged to present his recent works to mark the 25th anniversary of its presence in Kolkata.
The show is on till 31st December 2013.

Filmy Jagat
( work on display)
Art Heritage Gallery, New Delhi presents ‘Filmy Jagat’ a show of contemporary art work inspired by Bollywood put together by nine contemporary artists A Cinema Archive curated by Rahaab Allana.

The exhibition brings artwork like Photographic portfolio–Culture of the Street, Acrylic on canvas, mixed media, digital print, oil on canvas and installation, ceramics, photographs and serigraphy on paper, digital art and mixed media and Digital art on canvas and paper.

One can see M F Husain’s photographic portfolio – ‘culture of the street’, Arpana Caur -acrylic on canvas, Anchan Chander-mixed media, Bharti Verma’s digital print and oil on canvas and installation, Rahul Kumar’s ceramics, Shirley Bhatnagar’s ceramics, Aaban Raza’s photographs and serigraphy on paper, Rajiv Gautam’s digital art and mixed media and Sharmistha Dutta’s digital art on canvas and paper.

The show commences on 22nd December and is on view till 21st January 2014.

1 x1 of a kind
(work by Anila Jacob)
Forum art gallery, Chennai presents a unique show ‘1x1 of A Kind’ a group exhibition of paintings and sculptures by various artists in a small format. 
Some of the participating names include A. Selvaraj, Akkitham Narayanan, Anila Jacob, B.O. Shailesh, C.Douglas, D.Venkatapathy, G.Latha, K.P. Nagarajan and many more.
The works display an array of techniques and sift through a variety of topics form urban to rural experiences.
The show is on view till 18th January 2014.

Art Jamboree 2013
( work on display)
Daira Centre for Arts and Culture, Hyderabad is organising ABSOLUT Art Jamboree 2013: Where Art meets Function. 

The exhibit will show eighty participating artists and their delightful objects that brought a smile on the faces of every visitor.

Thota Vaikuntam’s limited edition sarees, Rajeshwara Rao’s magical Polish massage box, Fawad Tamkanat’s jewellery, Jaya Baheti’s hand painted stoles, Laxman Aelay’s painted wooden disc and notebooks, Chippa Sudhakar’s miniature screens, Sajid Bin Amar’s meticulous diary and portfolios, Srinivasa Chary’s costers, Thota Laxminarayan’s paper mache dog, Priti Samyukta’s quirky hand painted boxes, Gouri Vemula’s wooden carved mirrors, Sreekant Kurva’s wooden goat and bull, Pramod Ram Reddy’s canvas masks, Raghu’s table top planter’s, Malthi’s clock and tables created out of junk and many more objects were a delight to every eye.
The show is on view till 31st December 2013.

( News reports by Sushma Sabnis)


Crash course
The works of Haroon Khimani, on display in the city, is a commentary on the chaos and aftermath of disasters
( Inspired by nature)
Artist Haroon Khimani’s work, currently on display at Artworld, Sarala’s Art Centre, speaks the language of today, with a strong sense of social commitment. His art is a commentary on the chaos and aftermath of disasters, both in Nature and in the urban, concrete jungle. The artist, who works on collages with acrylic colours mostly, creates an array of imagery that offers a peek into scenes after a ‘crash’ has occurred.
A sense of loss 
( Work on display)
The paintings all have interesting names. Sample these — Like A House Of Cards, Fury Of Nature, Aftermath The Wreckage, The Landslide Destroyed Homes, Pile Them High… And in them, pictures come together with the artist’s imagination, and the interplay of the two produces a rich repertoire of paintings detailing a sense of loss. In the painting Main Entrance, the title of the work is actually part of the canvas. Another work, Tree Shadowed Moon, featuring a moonlit tree with a halo of sorts is a striking image of calm amid the other works surrounding it that invoke a sense of catastrophe.
“There is an ethical side to Nature that borders between being and nothingness. That inspires me the most. Creating a super sensual experience on canvas is an intense personal experience, but it has its parallel in higher nature. This comes close to being spiritual and is complete yet incomplete, and to see this duality as one requires a vision of self-fulfilment. My vision takes me beyond the three-dimensional world. It is like sympathetic magic, which I translate into colourful tapestry on my canvas,” Haroon says of his work.
The artist is a graduate in painting and has also worked as a designer in the handloom sector in South India with the Government of India and later started his own business of designer textiles. The year 2005 marked Haroon’s return to the world of art from that of textiles.
The exhibition is on till December 23 at Artworld, Sarala’s Art Centre.
(Report by Lakshmi Krupa for The Hindu)

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