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I Want to Live, Situationism, Love Art show and more..


I Want to Live
( Work by Surjit Akre)
Lalit Kala Academy presents ‘I Want To Live’, the 60th solo exhibition of paintings by artist Surjit Akre. Theme of the exhibition is ‘my voice against violence as a woman’ and the collection contains 50 recent paintings by the artist. The works present the current status of women in the Indian society and give out the message that we need not only strong and stringent laws but a revolutionary change in the mindsets and conscience of Indian men so that they stop seeing women as object of sexual pleasure.

Surjit Akre a fine artist and has proved her mettle with her exhibition titled ‘Russia Back in India’. It showcased her fine hand in drawing, portraiture and landscaping. Since 1985 she has been a part of the various group and solo-shows nationally and internationally.

The show is on from 16th December to 22nd December 2013.

( Art work on display)
Sanchit Art Gallery presents an exhibition titled ‘Situationism’. On display will be some spectacular works by Jogen Chowdhury, Satish Gujral, Late.Ganesh Pyne, K. Laxma Goud and Ram Kumar. Jogen Chowdhury is one of the eminent artists. In his work, patrons will see that the figures are always in the foreground and convey everything. He uses colour to give volume to his figures and the fluidity of his lines bring a sensual aspect to his forms.

Punjab born Satish Gujral will be displaying some of the amazing painting, graphics, sculpture, murals, architecture and interior designs. Viewers can watch entire spheres of his work, such as Paintings, Plastic Art, Sculpture Murals, Graphics, Architecture and Object Design. The exhibition is curated by Arun Ghose. 
The show is on view till 9th December 2013.

Love Art

Shree Art Gallery, Kolkata presents paintings and sculptures exhibition titled 'Love Art'. On display will be paintings and sculptures by renowned artists like Debalina Laha, Gopal Roy, Alekha Giri, Tasmina Khatun, Moinuddin Moni, Prosinjit Chandra, Sujoy Mahato, Saptarishi Nandi, Minal Kanti mitra and others.

Kolkata born Gopal Roy will be displaying some excellent works. The primary focus of Roy's painting is on the emotional content of his subject, be it figures, landscape or any other form he chooses. Also, he highlights the internal feelings by playing up the colors of the paintings. Accompanying him will be many other artists.
The show is on view till 1st December 2013.


Alliance Francaise de Chandigarh, presents a solo show of the talented photographer, Manan Kapoor, displaying his photography works at Alliance Francaise De Chandigarh. His photographs have been titled 'Raasasvada'.

Manan Kapoor is a well known photographer and knows how to capture the beauty of his surroundings in the best possible manner. His photographs express his inner thoughts and emotions. 
The show is on view till 20th December 2013.

(News reports by Sushma Sabnis)

Whose line is it anyway?
Muniswamy plays with lines to create portraits with an abstract touch
(Work created out of a single stroke)
The title of the exhibition “Line Maro” is as deceptive as the exhibition itself. Though there is flirtation involved, it’s not what comes to mind. The artist, Muniswamy, here is flirting with lines, literally.
The exhibition features a series of line drawings, largely profiles, of aristocratic men and women, families, rustic folk, and most popularly, of the Indian God Ganesha.
The figures appear somewhat stylistic, with the lines curving around themselves and making, it seems, multiple twists and turns to form figures that are intertwined, so the figure is not completely discernible. The stylisation is fascinating when it comes to his profiles of Ganesha, in seemingly everyday situations, playing an instrument or lounging.
Not until done
But the USP of the exhibition is that the drawings were all made with a single, however looping, stroke of the pen.
“Once I start drawing, I do not lift my pen until I am done,” says the Chennai-based artist. “I keep an image in mind and I straightway start on the paper. But my feelings influence my work because my feelings translate into the drawing. Though I have stuck to profiles here, I have made them abstract.”

Muniswamy plans to build a 1,000 drawings in this series, which he hopes will be a reflection of his artistic evolution. “I want this to be my style, as something I have developed like G.S. Shenoy with his metal plates or Balan Nambiar with his sculptures.” “Line Maro” will be on view at Gallery-g, Bangalore.
(Report by Harshini Vakkalanka for The Hindu)

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